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Confidential, Independent, and Unbiased


Professional Service:

  • Comprehensive Business Appraisal (CBA)    The objective of a CBA is to express an unambiguous opinion as to the value of the business. Includes a complete study of the business, its markets and industry, study of at least five years of financial reports, recasting of applicable financial reports including P&L's and balance sheets, study of business structure, operations and marketing, verification of major fixed asset values. All applicable approaches and methods to value are considered. All details of the study and processes are reported in a comprehensive format suitable for all business appraisal needs.   Applicable for: IRS filings and litigation.

  • Limited Business Appraisal (LBA)    The LBA is an approximate indication of value based on an appropriate level of the business, market, and industry analysis, supported by three to five years of financial data, and using the same processes and procedures as in the CBA described above. The opinion is presented in a restricted–use summary report suitable for a limited audience.   Applicable for: small to mid-size transactions, buy/sell agreements, Exit/Succession planning.

  • Asset Based Appraisal (ABA)    The ABA is based on the tangible and intangible assets (machinery and equipment, etc.) of a company. This appraisal service is to determine the current fair market value or other agreed upon standard of value of the assets of the company. The opinion is presented in a summary written report. Applicable for: bank financing, purchase price allocations.

The review or consultation of business valuations and machinery appraisals prepared by third parties.

Other consulting related to business planning and measurement.